12.6.8 ChannelSet

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardWITSML v2.0

A grouping of channels with a compatible index, for some purpose. Each channel has its own index. A ‘compatible’ index simply means that all of the channels are either in time or in depth using a common datum.

Table 12.6.8-1 Associations



From: ChannelSet.Channel

1..*To: Channel



From: ChannelSet.Wellbore

0..1To: Wellbore



From: ChannelSet.Data

0..1To: ChannelData



From: ChannelSet.DataContext

0..1To: AbstractLogDataContext


The LogDataContext for this log. If the DataContext is NULL, then it is assumed to include all data points for all included channels.

From: ChannelSet.

To: AbstractObject



From: ChannelSet.ChannelSetMetadata

1To: ChannelSetMetadata



From: ChannelSet.Index

1..*To: ChannelIndex


One or more indexes for the channel. The first is required, and is referred to as the primary index. All channels in the channel set must be based on a 'compatible' index (all time or all depth) and the same datum.

From: Log.ChannelSet

1..*To: ChannelSet


An array of channel sets that comprise this log. A log must have at least one channel set, and may have more than one. The channel set is evaluated in such a way that the channels in the log is a UNION of all of the channels in the array of channel sets. That is to say, the result is also a set, no channel can appear more than once in a given log.