11.1.2 Data Model

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardWITSML v2.0

Figure 11.1.2-1 is a UML diagram of the drill report. Key design features include:

  • The top-level object is small set of attributes that identifies the report, for example: report interval (start and end time covered by the report); the well datum and the bit record.
  • Required reference to the wellbore where the activity is occurring.
  • Optional reference to the fluids report (see 11.3 Fluids Report 11.3 Fluids Report).
  • Optional references to multiple (0..*) drill activities, to capture each activity that occurred during the reporting period.
  • Optional references to status info.
  • Optional references to other WITSML data objects that were created during the reporting period, for example:
  • Trajectory stations
  • Logs
Figure 11.1.2-1 UML model of the drill report data object. NOTE: The diagram would not fit on this page, so the image has been slightly adapted (see the blue arrow). For the complete diagram, see the XMI file in the WITSML download.