10.1 Data Model

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardWITSML v2.0

(Figure 10.1-1) shows the UML model for the cement job and cement job evaluation objects and related objects in this set. Remember, all Energistics data object schemas (XSD files) are produced from the UML model; so the UML model reflects the schema organization. This object has two main top-level data objects and the following sub-objects organized like this:

Cement Job (CementJob) object. Contains identifying information about the cement job, and references related objects about the design and execution of the cement job, including a final cement job report. Child objects include:

  • Cement Fluid (CementingFluid)
  • Cement Additives (CementAdditive)
  • Cement Job Design (CementJobDesign)
  • Cement Stage Design (CementStageDesign)
        • Cement Pump Schedule (CementPumpScheduleStep)
  • Cement Tops (FluidLocation)
  • Cement Job Report (CementJobReport)
  • Cement Stage Report (CementStageReport)

Cement Job Evaluation (CementJobEvaluation) object. Contains data for the testing and evaluation of a previously performed cement job.

More information about the design and relationships of these objects are explained below the figure.

Figure 10.1-1 UML model of the cement job object