Equipment Set

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardWITSML v2.0

This section of the schema contains a collection of kinds of equipment that comprise the string. Each kind of equipment in the set has a type (what it is) and attributes common across all instances of that type of equipment. The string equipment then references these common attributes (as described above in Section Downhole String Set , Downhole String Set ).




An enum list (equipment type) which is listed in the equipment schema.

Equipment Property Group

Common properties about the equipment, for example, the manufacturer, diameters, materials, etc. These properties apply to all equipment types .


Extended (or “custom”) properties for these equipment types. These properties are those which are unique to the particular equipment type.

The following simplified example shows how the string equipment and equipment set can be used.

Suppose we have the following equipment at the specified depths:

  1. Tubing 3.5 in. 0–2,000 m (meters)
  2. Packer 2000–2005 m
  3. Tubing 3.5 in. 2005–3,000 m

Conceptually this is represented in the data object as follows:

  • Downhole Component

    • Downhole String name = “Tubing”

      • String Equipment Set
  1. Tubing 3.5” 0-2,000 meters, install date = abc, etc…EquipmentRefUID= A
  2. Packer 2000-2005 meters, install date = abc, etc…EquipmentRefUID= B
  3. Tubing 3.5” 2005-3,000 meters, install date = abc, etc…EquipmentRefUID= A
    • Equipment Set

      • ID= A, Type = tubing, OD = 3.5”, ID = 3.0”, manufacturer = abc, etc.
      • ID= B, Type = packer, OD = 4.9”, seal kind = xyz, etc.

The efficiency of this approach is self-evident.