7.4.1 Data Model

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardWITSML v2.0

Figure 7.4.1-1 shows the UML model for the wellbore geometry data object. Remember, all Energistics data object schemas (XSD files) are produced from the UML model; so the UML model reflects the schema organization. The basic organization of the object is:

  • Wellbore Geometry (WellboreGeometry). Contains the main data for wellbore location such as measured depth at bottom (at the time this data was captured), water depth, and air gap. It also includes a growing status, which is used when streaming data using ETP. This object:
  • Must reference one parent wellbore object.
  • May optionally reference BHA run object.
  • Wellbore Geometry Section (WellboreGeometrySection). Defines the "fixed" components in a section of a wellbore, which includes properties and dimensions for open hole, casing, or risers.
  • part_WellboreGeometrySection, Object used to stream data in real time using ETP.
Figure 7.4.1-1 UML diagram of the wellbore geometry object.