7.1 Rig and Rig Utilization Data Objects

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardWITSML v2.0

Beginning with v2.0, the rig data object has been split into these two top-level data objects, which are shown in Figure 7.1-1 .

  • Rig contains the typically static information associated with a rig, such as: owner and related information; characteristics and identifying information; permanent installed equipment, such as derrick and cranes, characteristics of those; and ratings and service information. This is a globally unique object with no required references.
  • Rig Utilization contains the dynamic information associated with use of a particular rig, on a particular wellbore, for a specific purpose. The rig utilization object contains dynamic data specific to a particular use, for example: information associated with the operation (start/end times, hole depths, air gap, etc.); details of installed equipment at the time operation, for example: mud pumps, centrifuge, pit, shale shaker, blowout preventer (BOP), etc.

The rig utilization object must reference:

  • One rig object
  • One wellbore
Figure 7.1-1 UML diagram of the rig and rig utilization data objects.