4.2.2 Wellbore Data Object

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardWITSML v2.0

The wellbore (Wellbore) data object (Figure 4.2.2-1) is used to capture the general information about a wellbore, which is sometimes called a wellbore header. A wellbore represents the path from surface to a unique bottom hole. A well has one or more wellbores.

Like the well object, the wellbore object provides context. The wellbore references it parent well object using a data object reference. The wellbore serves as the parent of trajectory, log and wellbore geology data objects (which reference their parent wellbore using data object reference).

The wellbore object is used to capture data such as:

  • Purpose: appraisal, injection, mineral, observation, producer, research, unknown, waste disposal, etc.
  • Shape: deviated, horizontal, vertical, build and hold, unknown etc.
  • Status of current activity such as: drilling, active, sold, proposed, testing, tight, suspended, etc.
Figure 4.2.2-1 UML diagram of the wellbore data object.