3.4 Data Object Organization

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardWITSML v2.0

The nature of drilling and well operations drives the organization of the data model. As such, the data model (hierarchy of well, wellbore, and possible child objects of trajectory, logs, and mud logs) remains unchanged in WITSML v2.0. However, as describe in Sections 3.2 Top-Level Data Objects and Object Identification and 3.3 Data Object Reference , the mechanisms for specifying these relationships has changed.

Figure 3.4-1 shows the basic data model organization as implemented with data object reference. Each of these data objects is now a top-level object, identified by a UUID, and the relationships between the objects are specified using a data object reference (DOR).

Figure 3.4-1 In WITSML v2.0, the basic organization of these top-level objects remains the same, but now the relationship is specified by a data object reference from the “child” its “parent.”

For context, many of the other data objects reference a wellbore. For example, the report objects (e.g., drill, operations or fluid reports) must reference a wellbore. The individual chapters in this guide give necessary details.