Activity Template

Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

An activity template provides the semantics of the activity. The Title (or name) provides the type of activity, for example, “GenericCreationActivity” (see Figure ). It also contains a list of parameter templates, which describe each potential parameter along with its role in the activity.

Parameter Template

For each parameter in the activity, describe its:

  • Role provided by the parameter Title.
  • Types associated with this parameter.
  • Use as input and/or output, based on IsInput and IsOutput information.
  • Cardinality based on MinOccurs and MaxOccurs information (which are mandatory (1..-1) where -1 means infinite).
  • Default value of the parameter.
  • Additional constraint provided in free text form and targeted to be human readable.


When inside an activity, a parameter type is itself an activity and is a sub-activity of the main activity. This nested approach means we can create trees of activities, where complex process can be captured as an aggregation of smaller activities. In this case, the AllowedKind for the parameter is subActivity.