11.7 Additional Grid Geometry and Topology

Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

Each of the RESQML grid geometries support a number of grid geometry extensions. Some, such as radial grids, have already been mentioned. Each of these extensions has its geometry specified as shown in Figure 11.7-1 and described in #RESQML_c_255__GUID-D7147C7F-2017-0008-W2DP-000000000053 . A few of these extensions, such as the radial origin polyline already have a defined indexing (count is NKL). However, most of the additional geometries require extensions to the topological description of a grid. For example, if we want to attach additional “hinge nodes” to some of the faces of an unstructured grid, the enumeration of the hinge node faces needs to be defined first. The grid geometry attachment has the option to take advantage of a patch index to remove any ambiguity in data ordering.

Figure 11.7-1 Additional grid geometry.

Table 9—Additional Grid Geometry Attachments