10.3.1 Representation Set Representation

Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

Representation set representations (Figure 10.3.1-1) are used to carry an indexed assemblage of individual representations which will be used to set up representations of organizations Interpretations. An implicit representation index is given by the writer as an order in the “sequential” list of Representation UUIDs which will be gathered into the “XML instance” of a representation of an organization interpretation.

This implicit representation index is important because it will be used in the sealed surface framework and sealed volume framework to define the contact patches and the oriented macro faces. In fact the reader must create this index in its own code if he want to reuse it to establish the link between the individual representations and the contacts in the frameworks.

The representation set representation is also the parent class of the framework representations. Because the framework representations inherit from this class, they inherit the capability to gather individual representations into sealed and non-sealed surface framework representations, or sealed volume framework representations. In this context, the representation index is used to define the contact patches.

Other usages of representation set representation are presented in Chapter 6 Representations (Shared Concepts) .

Figure 10.3.1-1 Representation set representation