9.3.3 Example 3: Strategy to Re-Engineer an “Ancient” 3D Grid

Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

A geologist would like to use new RESQML-enabled software to re-evaluate an old study. She is using the software listed in the following table.

Software "Name"

Type/Role of Software

Software I

Retro Engineering RESQML Explorer

Software J

3D grid updater

Software I must export the rebuilt representation into a structural EPC package, and then the 3d Grid updater can take this package and do the work,

While examining the old data, she finds only a report describing the geology, a 3D grid representation (an old GRDECL file) and a collection of wellbores.

With the Software I, the geologist must create an earth model feature, an earth model interpretation, and associate it with this last stratigraphic organization. The geologist can import the GRDECL grid and declare that this 3D grid is a representation of this stratigraphic interpretation.

If she wants to produce more information—for example, she wants to update the structural and stratigraphic model—she can create the Horizon_1, Horizon_2, Fault_1 and Unit_B1 feature, and the corresponding interpretations: Horizon_1_Interp, Horizon_2_Interp and Fault1_Interp and UnitB1_Interp.

The representations are:

Horizon_1_Interp = subrepresention of GRDECL grid: interval edge =0

Horizon_2_Interp = subrepresention of GRDECL grid: interval edge =2

Fault1_Interp = subrepresention of GRDECL grid: face =2,4,5,6, N

Fault1_Interp = subrepresention of GRDECL grid: pillars =2,4,5,6, N

Unit_B1_Interp = subrepresention of GRDECL grid: interval = 0,1

A structural organization interpretation also could be created with: Horizon_1_Interp, Horizon_2_Interp and Fault1_Interp.

These representations can be reprocessed and transformed into triangulated surfaces (if needed).

Then, after having acquired new well marker tops, these representations can be fitted to these markers, and the process of rebuilding the structural frameworks, stratigraphic framework, and reservoir grids (as described above) can be done by Software J.