7.2 Points, Lines, and Planes

Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

Table 7.2-1 summarizes the different construction types available for the geometry of points, lines, and planes. Changes for this latest version of RESQML include a much richer list of construction types and a simplified (restricted) design that supports only HDF5 for explicit point arrays (previously both XML and HDF5 arrays were supported).

Table 7.2-1 Point, Line and Plane Geometry

Construction Type


Point Geometry


Point3d HDF5 Array

Explicit HDF5 array of N*3 coordinates, (X,Y,Z)

Point2d HDF5 Array

Explicit HDF5 array of N*2 coordinates (X,Y) for a 3D point (X,Y,0)

Point3d ZValue Array

Points extracted from another representation, and then modified to have new Z coordinate values

Point3d Lattice Array

Points in a lattice created from a start point and offset vectors

Point3d From Representation Lattice Array

Points extracted from a representation, using a lattice of indices to space the sampling

Point3d Parametric Array

Points defined parametrically using parametric lines

Line Geometry


Parametric Line Geometry

Parametric line geometries are described in more detail in the next table

Parametric Line From Representation Geometry

Parametric line extracted from a representation

Plane Geometry


Horizontal Plane Geometry

Definition of the infinite geometry of a horizontal plane provided by giving its unique Z value.

Titled Plane Geometry

Used to describe the infinite geometry of a potentially tilted plane from three points.

Point, line, and plane geometry are described in the following figures ( Figure 7.2-1 , Figure 7.2-2 , Figure 7.2-3 ). Each individual construction is also described in the RESQML Technical Reference Guide.

Figure 7.2-1 Class diagram showing the specification of point geometry organized into an array of 3D points.
Figure 7.2-2 Class diagram showing the specification of parametric line geometry.
Figure 7.2-3 Class diagram showing the specification of plane geometry as horizontal or multiple tilted planes.