6.4 Subrepresentations

Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

A subrepresentation is a logical and ordered subset of one or several existing representations. It is itself a representation. Because RESQML has separated the representation concepts of topology, geometry, and property values, we can select a range of nodes, edges, faces, volumes, or any of the indexable elements from the topological support of representations. By extracting such a list of simple topological element indices, we define a subrepresentation.

A subrepresentation may describe a different feature-interpretation using the same geometry or property as the "parent" representation(s). In this case, the only information exchanged is a set of potentially non-consecutive indices of the topological support of the representation(s).

For the differences between Patches and subrepresentations, see RESQML-000-147-0-C-sv2010.html#RESQML_c_147__GUID-D7147C7F-2017-0008-W2DP-00000000001B .