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For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

Two examples of how the time series is used to support grouping of properties at identical or related times are shown in the next figure (#RESQML_c_127__GUID-D7147C7F-2017-0008-W2DP-000000000013).


Figure 4‑15. RESQML property set time group examples.

In the first example, a property set is constructed at one time from two properties. In the second, the property set is constructed from one property type at multiple times. In both of these examples, time is referenced into the time series object. The use of time series parentage allows one set of times to be appended to another, e.g., to support reservoir simulation restarts for to explore a variety of reservoir development scenarios.

The time stamp is used within features and interpretations to specify time as an XML dateTime, with an optional year offset to capture very long time intervals (Figure

Figure RESQML time stamp usage.