2.2.4 Units of Measure

Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

The Energistics Unit of Measure Standard (UOM Standard) is a set of resources that defines a standard unit of measure (UOM) dictionary to promote consistent usage, data exchange, and unit conversions. The set includes the base Energistics Unit of Measure Dictionary and related documentation for creating, implementing, and maintaining a UOM dictionary that is patterned after the Energistics dictionary.

BUSINESS RULE: RESQML models must adhere to this standard, although there are currently no constraints within the schema. (For information about RESQML business rules, see 2.3.1 Business Rules .) Use of the UOM Standard replaces the more restrictive treatment of units of measure in RESQML v1.1, which only used SI units.

For more information about implementing units of measure, see the Energistics Unit of Measure Standard.

NOTE: The Energistics UOMs are extensible for property value and property kind. To specify a UOM not in the Energistics UOM standard, specify the property’s UOM as "Euc" (a place holder value). Then use ExtraMetadata, which is a top-level object component, to specify "Uom" as the Name, and the UOM symbol (such as "barns/electron" or "s1/2") as the Value.