2.1.2 XML and HDF5

Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

In RESQML v1.1, a RESQML document consisted of one XML file and one HDF5 file, associated together by standard naming conventions. The RESQML document was a single XML file with all data objects (horizons, faults, etc.) organized hierarchically. The optional HDF5 file was used for better processing efficiency of large arrays of data. Both XML and HDF5 are still used in RESQML, but now multiple XML and HDF5 files are used.

The latest version of RESQML adds new capabilities and many more data objects, which are now stored in separate XML files. RESQML has also moved from a hierarchical data model to an object-relationship data model (see 3.1 From Hierarchical to Object-Relationship Data Model ). These changes were crucial because they make it possible to represent the rich set of features in earth models, to capture the many relationships among these data objects, and to include this relationship information as part of the data exchange.