2.5 Installed Components

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For StandardPRODML v2.0

This section explains the folder structure and content that is installed when any of the Energistics standards is downloaded. It then describes the specific PRODML content.

When the PRODML download is obtained from Energistics, it is a zip file. This file can be unzipped into a convenient location. The contents unzip into a folder called energyml, and a folder under this is created, called data.

If the Energistics ETP data transfer protocol is added (this is not part of the standard PRODML download), then at the same location, a second folder called protocols will be created. See Figure 2.5-1 .

Figure 2.5-1 Energistics folder structure.

If PRODML has been downloaded, the data folder contains two folders:

  • common contains the elements of the CTA, which are common across PRODML, RESQML and WITSML.
  • Prodml contains the specific PRODML content.

Keeping these folders in this relative location means that the schemas all reference the correct paths to common elements. If another ML is added, then at the same location, a third folder called (e.g.) Witsml is created. See Figure 2.5-2 . To use the WITSML objects as required by certain of the PRODML sub-domains (see 2.4 PRODML Use of Other Energistics Domain Standards ); WITSML is required and will unzip as shown.

Figure 2.5-2 Data folder contents, example showing PRODML and WITSML installed.

For the contents of the common folder, please see 1.5.2 Energistics CTA Resources , and for full details of these CTA elements, see the CTA Overview Guide.

The prodml folder contains a v2.0 folder (and later versions will appear here, e.g. v2.1) and within this is the folder structure shown in Figure 2.5-3 .

Figure 2.5-3 Contents of Prodml\v2.0 folder.

Details of the contents of these folders are supplied in Section 1.5.1 PRODML-Specific Resources .

Part II: Simple Product Volume Report

File code = “PRO-SPV”

Part II contains Chapters 3 Introduction to Simple Product Volume Report Objects through 7 Appendix for Simple Product Volume , which explain the set of PRODML data objects for simple product volume reporting.


The detailed input into and leadership of this project by the following companies is gratefully acknowledged: P2 Energy Solutions, Oxy, Accenture, Energysys, Halliburton. The contributions in terms of helping set requirements from the following companies is also highly appreciated: IHS, WellEZ, Infosys, Anadarko, Baker Hughes, Chevron, QEP, Schlumberger, Statoil.