2.4 PRODML Use of Other Energistics Domain Standards

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

With version 2 of PRODML and WITSML, these domain standards join RESQML in using the Energistics CTA. This upgrade makes it possible to easily integrate data from the three domain standards. PRODML sub-domains are expected in common use (although these are not mandatory usages) with certain other WITSML and RESQML data objects.

The usage pattern is that data that is useful to the PRODML sub-domain can be referenced (using the data object reference element in Energistics common) from certain PRODML data objects. These are generally either:

  • Well/wellbore/completion/rock-fluid unit feature references for reference to flow, sample or measurement sources. These are contextual references and so some degree optional. See Figure 2.4-1 , pink cells (value 1).
  • Log/Channel Set/Channel references so that number arrays can be transferred using these data objects, and referenced from PRODML. Note that for DAS arrays, HDF binary files are used in a similar manner to these log usages. These are references to objects which transfer essential data, and hence to use these, the WITSML schemas are required. See Figure 2.4-1 , red cells (value 2.

Figure 2.2-2 lists these usages by referencing as outlined above, from each PRODML sub-domain to other domain data objects.

Figure 2.4-1 Mapping between other Energistics “ML” objects and their usage in PRODML

The WITSML resources can be obtained by following the links at http://www.energistics.org/drilling-completions-interventions/witsml-standards/current-standards. They will install as shown in Figure 2.5-2 .