1.5.1 PRODML-Specific Resources

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

The PRODML download will install the folder structure described in Section 2.4 PRODML Use of Other Energistics Domain Standards. Within the specific prodml\v2.0 folder, find the resources listed in the table below.



Prodmlv2.0 (folder)


xsd_schemas (folder)

Schemas for all of the data objects in PRODML v2.0. This folder contains all top-level objects outlined in Section 2.2 Mapping of the PRODML Sub-Domains onto Top-Level Objects and map onto the sub-domains of PRODML as shown in Figure 2.2-2 .

xml_example (folder)

One example data object for each schema. These examples are not intended to represent “engineering data” examples of use cases. They are merely valid examples of the xml complying with each schema.

ancillary (folder)

Contains supporting material, which includes a mapping of v1.3 data objects to v2.0 data objects.

doc (folder) contains the following documents:


PRODML Technical Usage Guide

Provides an overview of PRODML and details about the sub-domains and supporting data objects.

If just getting started with PRODML, begin with this document.

PRODML UML Data Model (XMI file)

The entire UML data model that developers and architects can explore for better understanding of data objects, definitions, organization, and relationships.

Energistics saves the UML model as an XMI file, a format that can be imported by any UML data modeling tool.

PRODML Technical Reference Guide

Generated from the UML model, lists and defines all elements in the data model (for easy reference).

PRODML Product Volume, Network Model, and Time Series Usage Guide

Documentation for previously published versions (v1.x) of these PRODML data objects:

  • Product Volume
  • Product Flow Model (Network)
  • Time Series

Some minor updates have been made to this document for v2.0, and some of the material that is most relevant to v2.x usage of these data objects is incorporated into the PRODML Technical Usage Guide.

PowerPoint presentations

Presentations for the following PRODML sub-domains:

  • Simple Product Volume Reporting (SPVR)
  • DAS
  • DTS
  • PVT
  • Wireline Formation Tester (WFT)

docexample (folder)

This folder contains sub-folders for each of the following sub-domains. Each folder contains data files for extended worked examples, which are also explained in detail in the corresponding chapters of this PRODML Technical Usage Guide.

  • DAS
  • DTS
  • PVT
  • SPVR


Launches an html, hyperlinked navigation through the:

  • Schemas (HTML versions of the schemas are in the docschema folder)
  • Example XML files (links to the examples in the prodmlv2.0xml_example folder)