6 Simple Product Volume: Worked Example

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

This chapter contains details of the worked example included with the download. The contents of the example are covered in the same order as the model has been described in Chapter 5 Simple Product Volume: Data Model .

In addition to the example data files which are in energyml\data\prodml\v2.0\doc\examples\SPVR, the SPVR example also includes:

  • A presentation file found at: energyml\data\prodml\v2.0\doc\Worked Example Simple Product Volume.pptx
  • A spreadsheet file found at: energyml\data\prodml\v2.0\doc\examples\SPVR\Worked Example Simple Product Volume Spreadsheet.xls

Note that extensive use is made of the data types “xxxValue” where “xxx” can be volume, flowrate or density, allowing for these measurements to be reported at specific pressure and temperature, or pressure, allowing absolute or relative/gauge pressure to be reported. See Section 2.3 PRODML Use of CTA .