5.4 Well Tests and Well Production Parameters

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

Well tests and well operating parameters can be transferred as part of the Simple Product Volume capability. Both these types of transfer are designed to be transferred upon events happening or upon demand, rather than periodically as for asset production volumes. For this reason, they are available as standalone objects (See Figure 5.1-2 , purple box).

The Production Well Test object and the Well Production Parameters use the data object reference mechanism (described in Section 5.2.3 Reporting Entities Can Reference “Full” Data Objects and shown in Figure 5.1-1 and Figure 5.1-2 ) to reference a single Reporting Entity. The kind of Reporting Entity is expected to be a well (or possibly a wellbore or wellbore completion). Note however that the behavior of reporting entities according to the kind enumeration is not enforced—that is, the schema has no mechanism to restrict well tests being associated only to a reporting entity whose kind is “well”. The checking of this enum would need to be validated by software implementing the Simple Product Volume object.

Both the Production Well Test object and the Well Production Parameters object use the same reference to fluid components in a fluid component catalog as the Asset Production Volumes object (described in Section 5.3.1 Fluid Component Catalog ). Each instance of production well test or well production parameters has its own fluid component catalog so that it can behave as a standalone data object.