5.3 Asset Production Volumes

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

The Asset Production Volumes object transfers all volume data for all reporting entities. This section explains the details of the use of this data object. The worked example in Chapter 6 Simple Product Volume: Worked Example covers all these usage patterns with an illustration of actual use. Some general points are:

  • Each reporting entity is taken in turn and all its volumes are reported. The Reporting Entity Volumes contains all the volumes for a single reporting entity. See Figure 5.1-2 (blue box) where the overall period (time start and time end) is contained in the asset production volumes “container” and then a repeating pattern of reporting entity volumes follows.
  • Reporting entity volumes reports all volumes for a single reporting entity, and contains a reference back to the reporting entity using its UUID for reference.
  • Although named “volumes” in line with industry usage, different quantities may be reported, such as volume, mass, and energy content.
  • Where an actual volume measurement is reported, this will of course be dependent on the measurement conditions of temperature and pressure. The purpose of SPVR is to transfer volume and similar quantities for internal, partner and regulator reporting, not to transfer field operational measurements. Hence the assumption is made that all volumes have been expressed at the same temperature-pressure conditions for the current transfer. The Standard Conditions element is mandatory in all the SPVR objects. A choice is available – either to supply the temperature and pressure for all the volumes which follow, or to choose from a list of standards organizations’ reference conditions. Note that the enum list of standard conditions is extensible, allowing for local measurement condition standards to be used. See Figure 2.3-2 which shows the Abstract Temperature Pressure class: this is the type for standard conditions in all SPVR objects.
  • Use is also made within SPVR of the Pressure Value type, allowing absolute or relative pressures. See Section 2.3 PRODML Use of CTA and Figure 2.3-1 .