3.2 The Business Case

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

Some of the challenges of reporting production data to other relevant entities are:

  • Lack of a standard (protocol, format and mechanism).
  • Associated requirement for a significant amount of manual effort both in creating data to be transmitted, and receiving/consuming it.
  • NOJV partners are increasingly requesting more detailed data (daily and monthly), resulting in a significantly increased quantity of data to be transmitted.
  • Timelier reporting needed to support decision making (e.g., marketing, participation in projects) and internal reporting (accruals, etc.).

Therefore the benefits expected are:

  • Streamlined approach to communicating production related data.
  • Less manual effort and thus reduced cost.
  • Greater accuracy (due to less manual intervention/preparation).
  • Greater insight into the status of properties operated by others (OBO) supporting more informed decision making.
  • Quicker access to data from joint venture partners.