3.1 Overview of Simple Product Volume Reporting, the NAPR Project , and the earlier PRODML models devised for the Norwegian Continental Shelf

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

NAPR stands for North America Production Reporting. The objective of the NAPR project was to analyze and extend (if needed) PRODML schemas necessary for the reporting of daily and monthly production related data to non-operating joint venture (NOJV) partners, and royalty owners in North America. The result is the Simple Product Volume package of PRODML, first released as part of PRODML v2.0.

Although the focus of the project has been North America requirements, the hope is that the data standard can be used worldwide.

For a quick overview or to be able to make a presentation to colleagues, see the slide set: Worked Example SPVR.pptx which is provided in the folder: energyml\data\prodml\v2.0\doc in the Energistics downloaded files.

Note that the Simple Product Volume capability is, as the name suggests, a standard which aims to cover the minimum requirements for volume reporting. It was developed following widespread feedback that the capabilities within earlier versions of PRODML, whilst comprehensive, were also complex and therefore hard to understand and to implement.

The earlier version of volume reporting does remain part of PRODML. It comprises principally the data object Product Volume, and the supporting objects Product Flow Model, WellTest and Production Operation. This reporting standard has been adopted (and extensively developed) for use on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). The NCS reporting is based on version 1.x of PRODML. The data objects concerned have been migrated to Energistics CTA standards but otherwise left unaltered, for compatibility with previous work. A fuller description can be found in Chapter 24 Product Volume , 24 Product Volume ; Chapter 25 Product Flow Model , 25 Product Flow Model ; Chapter 27 WellTest , 27 WellTest ; Chapter 28 Production Operation , 28 Production Operation .