24.3 Product Volume Associated with Product Flow Model

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

A product flow network is not mandatory when using product volume. It is quite acceptable simply to use names on Facility elements under which the flows and products will be reported (see the hierarchy of product volume shown in Section 24.2 Overview of Product Volume ).

However, where it is desired to exchange the detailed network model, typically so that the flow paths and the precise ports with volume data being reported can be defined, then a product flow model can be used (probably only at the outset and then whenever it changes, with product volume being used each time dynamic data is to be exchanged). Having used product flow model (refer to Chapter 25 Product Flow Model for details on this), then product volume can now be associated with any given unit in the product flow model. The XML snippet in Figure 24.3-1 shows how to reference the associated unit and port from a Product Volume Report. Note that this snippet shows PRODML V1.x style; the content has not changed in v2.

The unit element provides the name and uidRef attribute that refers to the unique identifier for the flow unit C in the previous simple flow network example. Similarly, the port element provides the name and unique identifier for the port associated with a reported flow.

Figure 24.3-1 Product Volume Report referencing Product Flow Model unit and port