11.1.2 Fluid Sample Acquisition Job

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

This object describes the operation whereby one or more samples are acquired. The high level outline of the worked example is shown in Figure 11.1.2-1 . The fluid sample acquisition element recurs, one for each sample acquired within the job.

Figure 11.1.2-1 Fluid sample acquisition job describes the operation of sample acquisition.

As described in Section 10.2 Fluid Sample Acquisition Job Object , there are 5 types of fluid sample acquisition; the worked example is for the downhole sample acquisition type. This represents the data from a downhole sampling tool in a flowing well. One of the fluid sample acquisitions is shown in Figure 11.1.2-2 . Additional data can be added from the schema. Each type of sample acquisition has its own data and references. A well, wellbore and a well test are included in the examples and are referenced from this fluid sample acquisition.

Figure 11.1.2-2 Fluid sample acquisition has the details of the operation to acquire each individual sample.