22.2.4 Use Case: Configure DAS Equipment for Acquisition

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

Use Case Name

Configure DAS Equipment for Acquisition




DAS equipment configured, QCed and ready for acquisition to begin.

Summary Description

DAS Field Engineer tests fiber integrity and notes the positions of any losses and reflections.

DAS Field engineer configures DAS Equipment with the required acquisition settings.

DAS Field engineer performs initial depth calibration (facility mapping)

DAS Project Engineer will perform QC

DAS Project Engineer delivers QC report to Customer Field and Project Engineers.

Ensure Instrument Box is configured to timestamp the data as per the customer’s requirements, e.g. GPS time synced, or synced to other equipment in the operation.


DAS Field engineer, DAS expert, Customer Project Engineer, Customer Field Engineer, DAS Instrumentation


Request from client to deploy to site and prepare for acquisition.


Fiber deployed / installed

Fiber specification known (refractive index, type, optical path geometry, length, end depth)

OTDR completed, results delivered with OTDR acquisition settings.

Acquisition requirements agreed with operator

Service company deployed to site.

Calibrations performed.

Primary or Typical Scenario

Configure acquisition for a vertical seismic profiling service

Alternative Scenarios

Configure acquisition for alternative DAS borehole or surface applications. Typical examples of borehole applications are Hydraulic fracture monitoring, flow profiling, and well and casing integrity monitoring, Typical examples of surface applications are pipeline and equipment vibration monitoring.


DAS Instrument Box Connected, configured and ready for acquisition.

QC Setup report delivered to DAS Project Engineer, Customer Project and Field Engineer.

These requirements are covered by the DAS instrument box and optical path data object that are part of this standard.

Business Rules





See Section 22.1 DAS Terminology .