DAS FBE ‘trace’ Times

Topic Version2Published04/16/2018
For StandardPRODML v2.0

An individual FBE trace’s time is specified as the time of the first sample in the filter-window. The number of FBE traces output per second is determined by the OutputDataRate attribute (equal or smaller than the DAS instrument’s ‘raw’ PulseRate).

A DasFbe object stores the time values for each FBE ‘trace’ in an FbeDataTime array object. This is a 1D array that contains the times in microseconds for each FBE ‘trace’ in the current recording. Note that the times in the 1D example array are 1/OutputDataRate microseconds apart. The FbeDataTime array object has two additional attributes in human readable form for convenience of the end user inspecting the h5 file describing the StartTime and EndTime of the series of FBE traces recorded. StartTime corresponds to the first stored FBE trace time and EndTime corresponds to the last stored FBE trace time in this DAS FBE object. Figure shows how the DAS FBE ‘trace’ times link together. Figure shows the FBEDataTime array attributes and the 14 FbeDataTime (one for each FBE trace) in microseconds in h5 file part1.h5.

Figure DAS FBE ‘trace’ times.
Figure DAS FBE times array and attributes in h5 sample file part1.h5.