19.7 DAS Acquisition Object Details

Topic Version2Published04/16/2018
For StandardPRODML v2.0

The DAS Acquisition object (see Figure 19.6-1 ) contains metadata about the DAS acquisition common to the various types of data acquired during the acquisition, which includes DAS measurement instrument data, fiber optical path, time zone, and core acquisition settings like pulse rate and gauge length, measurement start time, and whether or not this was a triggered measurement.

Note that the DAS Acquisition object is derived from AbstractObject, which also defines a set of mandatory and optional attributes. The “uuid” (defined in AbstractObject) and the “AcquisitionId” attributes (defined in DasAcquisition) have different purposes and they must NOT have the same value. The “uuid” identifies the entire dataset package, which may include raw and/or FBE and/or spectra data (see Section 19.5.3 HDF5 File Array Configuration Options). The “AcquisitionId” identifies the DAS acquisition job. One example is that a raw-only package is created for an acquisition. Then a separate FBE-only package is derived from this raw dataset. Because these two packages are separate (there are two EPC files), they have different values for the “uuid” under DasAcquisition, but they share the same value for “AcquisitionId” because they refer to the same acquisition job.