19.6 Overview of the DAS Acquisition UML Model

Topic Version2Published04/16/2018
For StandardPRODML v2.0

This section provides an overview of the DAS Acquisition data model using UML diagrams. For a complete description of all elements in the UML model/DAS XSDs, see the PRODML UML model or the PRODML Data Object Reference chapter beginning at Section 29.1 DasAcquisition.

Figure 19.6-1 shows the content of the XML DAS Acquisition file. The data elements in this XML schema are repeated in the HDF5 file as HDF attributes, distributed through the file associated with the group or array concerned. For more information about the DAS acquisition, see 19.7 DAS Acquisition Object Details .

Figure 19.6-3 shows the DAS data arrays that are used to store the DAS raw, DAS FBE, DAS spectra samples and their corresponding sample times. Because of the volume of data, these arrays are only stored in the HDF5 files. For more information about DAS data arrays, see 19.8 DAS Array .

Detailed definitions of individual attributes can be found in Section 22.1 DAS Terminology .

Figure 19.6-1 UML diagram of XML content of DAS Acquisition file (which is described below in "DAS Acquisition Object Details").
Figure 19.6-2
Figure 19.6-3 UML diagram of HDF5 arrays for raw samples, FBE samples, spectra samples and corresponding times (which is described below in "DAS Array").