6.1 Overview of How it Works

Topic Version1Published10/16/2017
For StandardETPW20 v1

In WITSML v1.x, client software was responsible for knowing whether a data object existed in the store, before executing an AddToStore or UpdateInStore request. With ETP, P4 provides a PutObject message, which is treated as an “upsert” operation; this means: if the data object does not exist, it will be created in the store, otherwise it will be replaced.

Partial updates are not supported; therefore, PutObject messages must contain complete data object definitions. Upsert operations perform a full replace of the static object or header portion of a growing object. All required elements must be specified. Server-managed elements are ignored. Receiver-immutable element behavior is honored; for a list of the elements considered to be immutable, see 9 Receiver-Immutable Fields .