2.6 Using Data Objects from Energistics common

Topic Version1Published10/16/2017
For StandardETPW20 v1

Beginning with v2.0, WITSML is now implemented with data objects in Energistics common, which is part of the Energistics Technical Architecture (CTA). (For more information about the Energistics CTA, see the CTA Overview Guide.)

Energistics common contains data objects that support vital underpinnings of virtually all upstream technical workflows and functionality that must work consistently across all domains: for example, coordinate reference systems and units of measure.

In addition, Energistics common includes a category of objects informally referred to by the Energistics community as ‘decorator’ objects’ because they provide additional, specialized information about another domain data object. Logically, decorator objects have no meaning by themselves; they must reference another top-level domain object (for example, a well, wellbore or survey). So-called decorator objects include:

  • Activity. A set of objects that provides information about activities and actors (software and/or people) that modify a referenced data object. Its main data objects are:
  • Activity
  • Activity Template
  • Data Assurance Record. An object that declares conformance with a pre-defined data assurance policy of the referenced data object.
  • Graphical Information. Set of objects that describe graphical information (line type, weight, color, etc.) of a data object.

This implementation spec provides information about how to handle these objects, as required for various protocols.