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For StandardETPW20 v1

The table below lists resources available for implementing WITSML v2.0 with the Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP). Resources are available from the standards download page on the Energistics website: https://www.energistics.org/download-standards/.




Specification that explains details for implementing ETP v1.1 for the WITSML v2.0 data model.

ETP v1.1

The Energistics Transfer Protocol (schemas, UML model, specification, etc.) published in November 2016, with the updated specification (document updates in Aug 2017). .

Known Issues Lists (KILs) for ETP Specification v1.1(updated August 2017)

Testing and development of WITSML v2.0 on ETP v1.1 has revealed some issues which are document on this list.


The WITSML v2.0 download (published in Oct 2016) includes schemas (XSD files) for data objects in the model; a UML model and related documentation.

ETP DevKit

The ETP DevKit is a .NET library providing a common foundation and the basic infrastructure needed to communicate via the Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP). 

Standards DevKit

The Standards DevKit wraps the WITSML, PRODML and RESQML schemas with Microsoft .NET objects. The developer can work directly with these objects rather than having to deal directly with the XML definitions.


Specification that states requirements for properly formatting Energistics identifiers which include UUIDs and URIs.