1 Introduction

Topic Version1Published10/16/2017
For StandardETPW14 v1

The Energistics Transport Protocol (ETP) is a data-exchange specification that enables the efficient transfer of data between applications and systems. Among its capabilities, ETP defines a data-streaming mechanism so that data receivers do not have to poll for data and can receive new data as soon as they are available from a data provider—thereby reducing network traffic and latency.

ETP was initially developed as the API for WITSML v2.0+ to replace the SOAP API used through WITSML v1.4.1.1. Though ETP was not written for the prior generation of WITSML, its simplicity and performance gains are sufficiently compelling that the community asked to have the option to use ETP for the real-time portion of prior versions of WITSML, while continuing to use the legacy SOAP API for interacting with the store for objects which are not systematically growing. That is, the use of ETP can replace the WITSML (and earlier) log object for real-time data transmission and the legacy store methods (WMLS_AddToStore, WMLS_GetFromStore, etc.) can continue to be used for all other data types.

This document:

  • Provides the ML-specific implementation details for using ETP v1.1 to transfer WITSML v1.4.1.1 log data. (The goal is to develop an ETP implementation specification for each supported version of each Energistics domain standard.)
  • Is a companion implementation specification to the ETP Specification v1.1_Doc v1.1, which defines the required behavior of all ETP protocols.
  • Is normative for WITSML v1.4.1.1.

To use ETP v1.1 to send WITSML v1.4.1.1 data, you need:

  • The ETP v1.1 (schemas) and the ETP Specificationv1.1 Doc v1.1.
  • This implementation specification. Sections in this document reference appropriate sections in the above-mentioned version of the ETP Specification.)
  • An existing WITSML v1.4.1.1 server.

NOTE: New WITSML implementations should use WITSML v2.0. For more information, download the WITSML v2.0 standard and see the ETP v1.1 for WITSML v2.0 Implementation Specification.