Message: Acknowledge

Topic Version1Published10/31/2016
For StandardETP v1.1

Used in any protocol where specific acknowledgement of receipt of a message is required. In general, ETP does not follow a request/response pattern, so an acknowledgement is not often needed. This message has no content.

The correlationId in the message header must be the ID of the message that is being acknowledged and the protocolId in the header will be the protocol of the acknowledged message, not necessarily 0.

Message Type ID: 1001

Correlation Id Usage:

MUST contain the message id of the message who's receipt is being acknowledged.

Multi-part: False

Sent by: *

Avro Source


      "type": "record",

      "namespace": "Energistics.Protocol.Core",

      "name": "Acknowledge",

      "messageType": "1001",

      "protocol": "0",

      "senderRole": "*",

      "protocolRoles": "client,server",