Rules for Using WITSML 1.4.1 Data Objects in an EPC file

Topic Version1Published11/11/2015
For StandardEPC v1.0

Because it was developed several years earlier, the current most-used version of WITSML, v1.4.1.1, has different requirements for identifying and storing data objects. (For rules on WITSML data-object identification, see Section 2.2 of the WITSML STORE Application Programming Interface specification.) Therefore, the following additional rules must be observed when using WITSML data objects in an EPC file:

  • Each file created in WITSML must contain only one business object, e.g., a single well, wellbore, log, etc. This rule is so that these individual business objects can each be correctly referenced.
  • WITSML UIDs are mandatory for each data object. In an EPC file, the WITSML UID serves the role of a UUID as specified in this EPC document. Currently use of UUIDs in WITSML is recommended but not required. For EPC, use of UUIDs is strongly recommended.