4.2 Example Content Types for Data Objects

Topic Version1Published10/20/2016
For StandardEID v4.0

The following are examples of well and wellbore objects from WITSML 2.0; the well test object from PRODML 2.0; all objects in RESQML 2.0.1; and a top-level object (TLO), activity, from Energistics common v2.1.

  • application/x-witsml+xml;version=2.0;type=Well
  • application/x-witsml+xml;version=2.0;type=Wellbore
  • application/x-prodml+xml;version=2.0;type=WellTest
  • application/x-resqml+xml;version=2.0.1;type=*
  • application/x-eml+xml;version=2.1;type=Activity