4.1 Format Details

Topic Version1Published10/20/2016
For StandardEID v4.0

Energistics requires use of these IETF-optional parameters:

  • “version=” is the schema version of the object. If an object itself is versioned, this is NOT the version of the object; it is the version of the schema to which the object conforms.
  • “type=” to indicate an object type. As a special case (use is noted in Energistics specifications where this usage can be applied) type=* can be used to specify that all objects in a schema version are supported.

The general form of the content type is:



  • schemaFamily is the Energistics domain standards where the data object is defined: i.e., witsml, prodml, or resqml OR, if the data object is defined in Energistics common, the schemaFamily is x-eml.
  • schemaVersion is exactly the version attribute of the associated data object schema.
  • topLevelObjectType is the xml element name of the top level node of the associated data object schema OR the name of the associated XSD type. NOTE: Some earlier ML versions use an obj_ prefix as part of the element name. ML-specific documentation or specifications indicate how to handle the obj_ prefix.