Energistics Identifier Specification v4.0

This document describes the syntax and semantics of data object identifiers as used within the Energistics family of data exchange standards. The concepts of data object, asset, component, and feature identifiers are pervasive within the WITSML, PRODML, and RESQML specifications. This document is part of the Energistics Common Technical Architecture (CTA) that defines the basis for all of the new Energistics standards.

Amendment History
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Minor error corrections to code examples discovered during SIG meeting/review of WITSML on ETP implementation specifications. Removed "Chapter 7 WITSML and Compound Identifiers" because this content is now covered in the WITSML for ETP implementation specifications.



    Clarified definitions of contentType and examples in Chapter 4. Restructured the chapter to add discrete sections.



      Updates to the specification for the Energistics Common Technical Architecture.