13.1.45 Definition

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardCOM v2.1

The basic gml:Definition element specifies a definition, which can be included in or referenced by a dictionary.

The content model for a generic definition is a derivation from gml:AbstractGMLType.

The gml:description property element shall hold the definition if this can be captured in a simple text string, or the gml:descriptionReference property element may carry a link to a description elsewhere.

The gml:identifier element shall provide one identifier identifying this definition. The identifier shall be unique within the dictionaries using this definition.

The gml:name elements shall provide zero or more terms and synonyms for which this is the definition.

The gml:remarks element shall be used to hold additional textual information that is not conceptually part of the definition but is useful in understanding the definition.

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